Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ikea hack - kura and trofast hack finished!

Introducing...Griffin's new room!

As small as his room is, this is the best view of the new bed area that I could get.
These hanging organizer pockets (kusiner wall pockets from ikea) were put near his bed for night time necessities - toys, entertainment, flashlight, etc. We figured this was safer than a shelf.

Although these shelves were installed awhile ago, they've been repurposed with things special to Griffin, including his birthday ring.

This one has also been repurposed with other memorable items, including the frog I painted for him while pregnant.

The krokig hooks from ikea turned this small nook into a pretend/dress up area.

The trofast storage unit doubles as a second way up and a place for us to sit and read to G. Oh yeah, and there's tons of storage!

Here's the reading hideout. The fabric is from ikea as are the pillows and curtain line. We've ordered a roll up Japanese mattress for guests (and mommies who want to snuggle while reading and still be able to move her back afterwards).
Here's an inside view of the secret hideout. The trofast drawers have tons of storage space that are yet to be filled. The lights are LED stars from ikea, strung in and out of the upper bunk slats. The lights are called "kilometer" but not on the website for some reason.

The space under the window was turned into extra storage, too. Right now it doubles as an airplane hanger apparently.

More about the transformation here and here.


  1. Thanks! It's become a regular hangout for all of us. :)

  2. Hello
    I was wondering if I could do this in my daughter's room. I bought a kura bed and I would like to buy the trofast storage and use it as stairs, but the room is small ans the storages can't be opened "outside" the bed but only "inside", I mean under the bed. I was afraid it wouldn't be possible to open inside, but your pictures prove me it is ! Thanks a lot.

  3. This is really nice! I hope Griffin still likes it! We are building something similar with inspiration from you but found that the Trofast storage unit does not quite fit, so that the drawers cant be pulled out from inside the Kura. Did you modify the Trofast at all?

    1. I was inspired by this "hack" and bought a used trofast + kura. We put everything up this afternoon and I'm quite pleased with the bigger space in my boys's room and so are they !!! So thanks for sharing !!
      However :
      1 - we found it impossible to put the ladder the way it is on your photos so we had to turn the bed and put it against another wall to make things work for us, this is actually not too bad since it gives even more space that way,
      2 - we find it impossible to pull the trofast drawer from under the bed, except for the middle ones; the ones on the left and the ones on the right can't slide inside because of the kura frame blocking them. This is a major disapointment (especially since the trofast structure is against a wall so the bins can't be pulled from the other side either) and I'm wondering wether we missed the part where you said you altered the trofast storage unit or the kura bed... Could you please clarify how you made this work ? Thanks !!!

  4. Love the idea. I'm wanting to use the Trofast White unit as stairs as well, but can't find a weight capacity they have? Did it have one on the box? or how much does your son weigh? Thanks a lot! :)

    1. He's about 45 lbs now, and has no problem going up them; he has larger friends who haven't done any damage to them, either.