Monday, August 5, 2013

Hacking Ikea a kura bed & trofast storage - the process.

Although Griffin still co-sleeps with us, we were hoping to redo his room a bit to transform it from more of a storage space to something he can sleep and play in. He has the tiniest room in the house (although he has a wicked-cool closet with carpeted steps - it is doubling as a third hideaway spot right now) and though his crib converted to both a toddler bed and a full bed, I just couldn't imagine doing that in an 11x11 room. We decided on an ikea kura bed that left some space underneath and an upper bunk that was not too high up...and since the standard kura colors weren't in line with anything in the room, the idea of our ikea hack was born.

We walked into ikea one Wednesday night and they were taking down the displays to the as-is room. SCORE! We saved $70 on the spot.  Ryan advised me to sand the wood first and got me a "random orbit sander" - also known as: "the sander that scared the stew out of me until a week later when he showed me it didn't immediately saw your hand in half if you touched it". Touche. 


After everything was sanded, the painting begun. I chose spray paint which seemed like a good idea at a time...but that was a lot of paint. I think I bought 7 espresso colored ones for my two projects and four green. (I was only carded once, go figure.)

I did start off with one can of tinted chalkboard paint. It tore through the Lowe's bag and left me with a spotted driveway. R was not impressed, but I argued that at least there was not paint on the garage floor this time.

A few days later I went back to ikea to buy the stair-like trofast unit to use as another way up into bed. The wood version was almost 50% more, so I went with white. Not the best idea for painting, however.

Griffin used this opportunity to learn about power tools. He was in heaven.

His skills drastically improved over the course of the project. He actually did most of the screws on the trofast on his own.

Foolishly I thought this didn't need to be sanded before painting. LIE. Even with sanding, the paint doesn't stick as much as I would have thought. It'll do though. I painted some green, did some sanding, and then took this photo before the second round of green went on.

Slowly we began collecting bedroom goodies at the foot of the stairs. You know a project is going to be good when it's a giant trip hazard (or serves as a landing pad for stairs).

The rolled up mattress also served as a pretend school bus for Mr. Griffin.

You want a hole in your wall? G is your man!

After a lot of effort painting those panels green, Ryan pointed out the original blue on the other side was almost an exact match of the blue stripe in Griffin's room. So we went with those facing out instead.


At this point he was probably on the 321st question of whether it was time for him to start climbing yet or not. Don't let him fool you - he's only interesting in climbing. No sleeping allowed in his secret fort.

Next up - the final product!

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