Saturday, July 25, 2015

Almost one.

On Thursday, Bear turns one. On Saturday, we'll celebrate with friends.

This is the last weekend of almost one. Soon, we'll cross the bridge to just turned one. And I think the almost and just turned parts are key for my heart.


Happy almost one, my littlest one.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

First, of both the baby and five year old variety.

Flash!On Wednesday, we came home from an errand to find 5 or 6 kids from our block playing across the street. They're older kids, probably seven to nine years old, and when Griffin was adamant he wanted to cross the street to say hi to them I figured that they'd say hi and move along with their play. Instead, they invited him to play and he happily joined in their game of tag without even a backwards glance at me.

They were all kind and understanding about him being younger than him, and treated him very fairly. They are only allowed to play outside, I think, so they fully utilize the front and back yards. There's a trampoline, which Griffin adores. I sat on our front lawn with Bear and waited for him, not really knowing what to do with my time. It was an interesting crossroad - could I go into the house with the doors open to hear them playing, but worry about the street? Did I just sit there, playing with the baby in the grass? How would I prepare him for this next time? How would I prepare myself for next time?

The following day, the oldest girl sweetly came over and rang the door bell. Griffin was sleeping, so she came back in an hour and again asked if he could come out. He was still sleeping but it was late, and he'd been asking all day if he could play with them. I woke him up and when he saw his new friend at the door, his face lite up. This time,  I left the doors open and talked to him about crossing the street. He did a beautiful job.

The thing is, I hadn't expected this day so soon. There was suddenly this world of things I wanted to make sure he knew - all things we've talked about, but I needed more time to discuss them.

Waiting for the carousel. #greenfieldvillageThen Thursday night, Bear was up LATE. He slept while I was at a jewelry making class and then when I got home at 10 he nursed like crazy and refused to sleep. And at 11:36pm it was clear that this language burst he's been working on settled our longstanding debate about whether "mama" or "dada" would be the first word: neither. We both lost and won at the same time with the first word that has true meaning being "uh oh". Of all things.

Bear is super proficient at scooting around the room and still has almost zero interest in true crawling. He has some interest in pulling himself standing but has a way to go; Griffin was a late walker, at 15 months, and I always figured any future siblings would be likely to beat that. It's not looking like that anymore, though. He's more and more toddler like each day, and is covering wildly fast ground in the eating department. His absolutely favorite food is beans, any way you can make them, followed by potatoes. He does has a fancy for fish, too, but really he likes everything so far - even lemons.

Firsts for any mama are hard, no doubt. But having been down at least one of these roads before, I know it's both unstoppable and lovely at the same time. Each day is something new, really, but some have bigger road signs than others. And I like the idea of something new each day. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Five times around the sun.

Almost officially five!

Yesterday my biggest little buddy turned five. Five trips around the sun, I can hardly believe it. It seems like it was just minutes ago they put his tiny cheek next to mine after a long delivery. It seems like just seconds ago he started walking and talking. How does life go by so fast?

He had a fabulous party with tons of friends from school. They bounced, destroyed a pinata, hit some stomp rockets, and ate most of his favorite foods (cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, mac and cheese, deviled eggs, and hamburgers with cold American cheese). It was perfect.

Five seems so big and little all at once. Always my little buddy, though.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Almost 5.

He's almost five. I don't know how this happened. Four years ago he was about Barrett's age, and the difference is so vast it's almost unbelievable. How does so much change in four short years?

I watched him today on the swings in the backyard. Just this week he's really figured out how to pump his legs and move his body in rhythm with the motion of the swing. Soon he won't want underdogs or me to push him (though he *always* prefers for other people, even strangers, to push him over me!). He learned how to climb the fence a few weeks ago, and when I sneak peeks at him on the playground at school he does all sorts of things on the playset that I never knew he could do. He suggests new ways to use things and plays long games of pretend (the garage is forever the octohatch from the Octonauts).

Right now, Griffin is really into science. He loves learning about space and picked that as his birthday party theme this year. He is all about being an inventor and creating things. These are pretend things and even blue prints for things. One of his birthday gifts is a lab coat, embroidered with his name and Ph.D after it. Maybe he'll be the first Dr. Whiteside in the family someday.

We had a rough spell that lasted for awhile, but I think we're finally getting over it. He listens easier, cooperates more. Griffin has been super helpful and while his behavior isn't perfect, we're all working on it. Most of the time he is super sweet; he has loved picking me a bazillion dandelions and is really insulted when people call them weeds. He adores them. Last week we ran into a classmate at the park and he offered to walk her to her car...but only after he picked a flower for her. Talk about a gentleman.

Sometimes I watch him sleep and can't believe I'm lucky enough to be his mom. Barrett is so so lucky to have him as his big brother. I'm so so lucky to have him as my son, too.